We carefully select our blogs and podcasts, subjects, and speakers. Our aim is to create awareness for a better world where dignity is a basic human right. We will focus on economic empowerment, social justice, peace, kindness, and empathy to emphasize the ideals that will lead to a safer and more sustainable world for all. A world where dire poverty does not mean living below a dollar a day. A world where poverty of mind no longer exists. Focusing on our present situation and the collective mental state of humanity we will explain why we must be more kind, empathetic, and focus consciously on fairness, diversity and inclusion.

Our blogs share true experiences, real life stories and solutions by transformational leaders and changemakers. We support collaboration, networking and highlighting untold stories and unsung heroes through this platform.
We will address real time social issues based around UN SDG – sustainable development goals, access to finance, leaving no one behind.
We want these blogs to educate, inspire and empower women and girls to rise-up like a lotus that leaves the muck behind.

Our blogs and podcasts will also include women veterans’ stories and journeys. If you ask people in the military what makes them willing to sacrifice themselves for each other, the answer may surprise you. It is Love, God and Country… The emphasis is on the true essence of LOVE for each other and humanity. We can all learn from their true bond of friendship, brotherhood and sisterhood. In business, we have colleagues and co-workers, the military, has brothers and sisters. Bonds like that inspire people to do remarkable things for each other. We will learn from the blogs what it takes to build a bond of devotional love on a team. The true love and dignity apportioned for humanity by simply being there for each other…………….our soul, heart, and mind races to know the answers to WHY? WHAT and WHEN that will be answered from these stories.
Plan to listen to and read our podcasts and blogs. Stay tuned …

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