Lotus Credit Projects

Lotus Credit Loan to Minority Women

P4D provides assistance through social impact loans to women with demonstrated financial need with the goal of aiding enhanced quality of life, renewed dignity and path toward economic empowerment. In the fall of 2021, P4D assisted an El Salvadoran woman who had recently lost her job and needed help with seeking employment. P4D provided assistance with job placement and resume refinement in addition to providing a loan toward rent, car payment and household expenses.

Daycare Project

Coming Soon!!

Candle Making Project with Underserved Women

Candle making project with underserved women in the communities. Women were professionally trained and certified. Few of the trained participants – underserved women have started their own candle business through social credit project. Where women come together make candles in groups and sell them through local markets.

Farmers Market with Underserved Communities

Farmers market with underserved communities. Women caterers supplying home cooked meals made from scratch.

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