Taylor Nance

    Taylor Nance is a driven and compassionate young woman that strives for not only diversity,

    but acceptance and equality in the world around her. She has a proclivity for serving her

    community and a desire to affect change in her environment. Taylor is relentless in her desire

    to create an equitable world for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

    She is a born leader encouraging and leading those around her not only in athletics as team

    captain, but also in community organizations: fostering relationships and promoting the

    inclusion of students with disabilities. She has volunteered throughout her youth supporting

    those less fortunate and those in need in her community including Wounded Warriors, making

    meals and feeding the homeless regularly, and participating in Humans for Humanity targeting

    inclusion and community support.

    Due to her upbringing, Taylor was uniquely positioned to learn how to advocate for those

    around her. Growing up with siblings with disabilities, she was able to understand and adapt to

    the differences of neurodiverse individuals. Ensuring support for those affected by mental

    health issues and disabilities is very close to her heart and Taylor hopes to translate some of

    this passion into her work at Pillars 4 Dignity.

    Taylor was raised as a military dependent and grew up in a variety places in the country

    engendering her love for diverse cultures and people. She is currently a sophomore at the

    University of Texas, in Austin, TX. She is majoring in Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences to

    pursue a degree in Speech Language Pathology.

    After graduation, Taylor will pursue a Masters degree in Speech Pathology and continue

    affecting change through her work within Pillars 4 Dignity and in her chosen career field. Taylor

    is excited to be part of this initiative and knows that the ideals and the collaborative efforts of

    the people connected to this organization have the potential to change the world.

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