Humayra Ali

    Humayra Ali is a smart, natural born leader. She is 15 and envisions an inclusive world where equality for all is not a question anymore. She is fearless and takes on even the most difficult challenges gracefully.

    She is a Change-maker who loves to give back to young girls and support them through various platforms. Humayra passionately volunteer at food banks.

    She is currently a sophomore at Bullis School and is loved amongst her peers. She plays volleyball and piano for almost 9 years. Humayra plays piano for elderly Veterans whenever she has some free time.

    She is extremely good with children and wants to be a Pediatrician.  She wants to actively support nonprofit organizations like P4D that supports women empowerment initiatives.

    She wants to dedicate her time to build a better world. She has two brothers whom both attended Landon School and absolutely adore her. She is wise, caring & loves giving back.

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