Janet C. Salazar is a social innovator, human potential activist, serial entrepreneur, speaker, writer, humanitarian and a global leadership strategist. Her fascination and energy is focused on the intersection and convergence of leadership, innovation, investment, partnerships, inclusion and philanthropy for equitable economies and social good.

    Janet is the Executive Chairman and President, Chief and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Permanent Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at Foundation for the Support of the United Nations (FSUN). Appointed in 2006, Janet has built a solid ecosystem of deep connections and influencers in the global diplomatic community, and continues to be a strong voice for public-private partnerships inside the United Nations.

    Her commitment to influencing leadership decisions to foster strong partnerships have led to many tangible collaborations globally. Janet is widely known for bringing the business perspective inside the UN by convening global fora and dialogues around global issues in partnership with UN entities, UN Missions and Fortune 500 companies.

    Janet is Chairman and CEO of Salazar Global Group (SGG), A Holding Company with subsidiaries in consulting, development, advisory, green technologies, health solutions and systems, distribution and licensing, capital fundraising, and impact investment. She is the CEO and Founder of IMPACT Leadership 21TM, a global business platform providing leadership solutions and world class training on building inclusive and sustainable economies.

    As a sought-after public-private partnerships specialist, and a Certified Executive Master Coach, Janet is advisor to international entities, CEOs and influencers on inclusion, leadership, impact investment and philanthropy.

    Janet is a partner and contributor at FINTECH.TV, a global media platform for FinTech, Digital Assets and Sustainable Investing. As the voice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), FINTECH.TV profiles global executives, policy makers & disruptive leaders for the most cutting-edge content produced with global exchanges NYSE, Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange, Bloomberg Television and CNBC Africa.

    Janet is also a partner at Undercurrent, a global organizational design, process and change consultancy. Undercurrent serves a new breed of leaders who feel a profound responsibility to confront global crises with their organizations and the passion of their their people — answering the call to transform their businesses into a greater force for good and disrupt the old rules of capitalism.

    Janet is the creator of the innovative dialogue series, Conversations With MenTM, the groundbreaking executive forum created to engage men in leadership roles to accelerate women’s leadership at the top and achieving gender parity. She created Conversations With MenTM One on One: Navigating Gender Dialogue in a Woman’s World, an executive coaching program for male leaders on how to effectively navigate gender-related challenges in today’s increasingly diverse work place.

    A writer by heart, Janet is currently working on her first book project, collaborating with some of the most brilliant minds and thought leaders in the world. Janet is above all a passionate advocate and defender of the right to freedom in all forms. She lives in New York City where she spends most of her time when not traveling.

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