Many female veterans have difficulty transitioning from military life to life as a civilian. After leaving the military many women vets struggle with loneliness, PTSD from exposure to past combat or sexual trauma as a result of their military service, raising a child as a single parent, and many other challenges such as rejoining the workforce. Pillars 4 Dignity provides pillars and pathways to education and training, financial and economic independence, and improved health and wellness to female veterans via training and learning opportunities. Pillars 4 Dignity also offers female veterans community service programs that can help women veterans give back and help others while also enriching their own lives and building a support network in their own community.
The female veterans community tend to experience greater challenges than their male counterparts do when they leave military service and they are more likely to need more support in order to be successful after this transition. Whether a female veteran needs help or they want to help others in a similar situation, there are many ways to do this. Some groups and organizations are dedicated to providing support and needed resources to women veterans like we intend to from Pillars 4 Dignity.

Women Veterans Projects

 Women of Service

Self-Love, Knowing & Empowering Thyself

Heal and Thrive and P4D collaboration to provide a 6-week meditation session titled “Self-Love, Knowing & Empowering Thyself for Women of Service.” This meditation session was developed to support Women of Service, offering refueling techniques, as well as tools and processes to address and heal the wounds of over-giving, abuse, trauma, and being misunderstood.


Scholarship for Female Veterans

University of Texas at Austin Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) collaboration with P4D to provide a scholarship opportunity to promising female midshipmen participants in the NROTC program with demonstrated financial need. 3 scholarships in the amount of $1000 each will be presented at an awards ceremony on November 3, 2021.


P4D Sponsors SDIFF Midway Program

P4D sponsorship of major event on October 23, 2021, hosted by San Diego Film Festival (one of our community partners) in partnership with veteran-led charity, RTAG. RTAG helps all veterans, regardless of experience, jumpstart their post military career in the world of aviation. A military film and cocktail reception aboard the USS Midway in Downtown San Diego will be presented. P4D’s Ambassador and veteran will participate on a panel and speak about returning female veterans and the need to assist them in job placement and training opportunities.

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